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Help me make my site better.

I'm sorry, I have really been slacking off latley on my homepage. I need to put some more work on it and make it better. I was wondering if any of you guys have any suggestions on things that I can do to make this site better. If you have anything send me e-mail or sign the guestbook. If you e-mail me put "Drew Suggestions" for the subject. I would also like to have kind of an editorial section type thing. If any of you would like to write for my homepage on anything really, but mostly on Drew and the gang, e-mail me with some of your work and I will talk to you about it. If you do send e-mail, for the subject put "Drew Editorial". Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thank you.

Drew News
Hey, did you miss The Drew Carey Show Webcast? Do you want to see it now? Well there's some clips up on highlighting some of the extra clips that webcast viewers got to see. You can even view the entire thing. Check it out it is pretty cool, it might be even better then the first time. But you know that the Webcast is being said to be the biggest thing on television yet. Better then that stupid births on the internet, this stuff is really educational. A lot of people went on the net to take a peak of the show. And for a lot of people thats all they got, a peak, there was so many people that slower and stupider computers couldn't handle it. Or so they say. And how about that live show, that has to be the best show I have ever seen. It was way better then the stupid E.R. live, they had a script, but on the live Drew Carey Show, a lot of it was totally improve. They should do it more often, don't you agree, send your comments to me on how you feel on this subject. My E-mail.

Is "Who's Line Is It Anyway" going to stay?

Who's Line Is It Anyway to me is one of the best shows on television. It is funny and the guys on it are hilarious. My personal favorite is Ryan Stiles. He is just about the quickest and funniest men on the show. Colin Mochery(I think I spelled his name wrong)is great to. He can think of the really funny stuff and make fun of people easy. Then you got Wayne Brady. He by far is the most talented on Who's Line. He can sing, dance, and he is really funny. Who's Line has been good to him, because I have seen him on a bunch of commercials now. He is going somewhere. If any of the castmembers are going thru this page, which I doubt they ever will, I would like to commend them on a great job, my dad can't stop laughing after watching the show, and niether can I. Keep the show, don't ruin a good thing.

It's about time!!!!
Finally!!! Drew is being recognized. People are finally starting to get his show. I don't know if you watched the Award thing they had that Drew hosted. But if you didn't, he finally won an award. The best actor of the year or something like that. Well just thought I should put that in.


A lot of people e-mail me thinking that I am Drew Carey or someone who knows him. I would like to announce right now, that I am not Drew Carey, nor was I or ever will be, but you never know, modern science in medicine has gone a long way, just look what it did to Mimi. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! But for real, I am not Drew Carey and I am not his brother, I am not his friend, and i'm not his mother, but if I was, I surely do say, I sure the heck wouldn't go to school today. I wrote that myself. I'm not Drew Carey, and I have no way of reaching him, well actually I do, but if I did that I would get arrested. But i'm not that kind of person. I would just like to clear that up. Thank you. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom if you did not understand what I just said.

Should I have a regular chat time?

I was just wondering if you guys think that I should have aregular chat time. It would be a time when we all can come online and chat at my chatpage and just talk about Drew or the other cool TV shows. E-mail me your opinion, because here your opinion....kinda matters. Thanks.

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