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Drew Carey Info

Drew is not your average sit-com character. He is a guy that is trying to make it big in the world. For years he has tried to make it big in Winford Lowder, but he always gets screwed. He was promoted one time but that didn't last long. He and his pals hang out at the Warsaw. His gang is Oswald, Lewis, and Kate. Drew can't get a steady girlfriend, and when he does she ends up being a wierdo and ruins the relationship. Right now he is with kate. Hopefully that will work out. And if it doesn't (which it probably won't because if it did, the show would probably be over) to bad. Drew's cross-dressing brother is married to Mimi. A nd just recentley we found out that Mimi is pregnant. All in all Drew Carey is a funny character and does is job good.